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Back to the future

“In 2021, Facebook is going to get busted up like Ma Bell (with Instagram and WhatsApp spun off on their own). The resulting exodus of unhappy advertisers will flee into the willing arms of TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and good old SEO.” – Dennis Yu

Documentaries like ‘The Great Hack’, and high profile scandals such as Cambridge Analytica have revealed the deceit driving  digital advertising  leaving consumers annoyed, cynical and mistrustful towards Facebook and Google. 

They are aware that their data has been taken without permission, so trust between advertisers, publishers, and users has been destroyed.

It’s no surprise then that new privacy regulations have made using non-compliant data punishable by law.

It’s no longer sustainable to take a data-driven approach. The entire industry is shifting. Compliance is mandatory. Advertisers need to ensure their whole advertising strategy is driven by and respects user choices.

Now Apple has stepped up to the plate and forced App builders to become more transparent about the data they are collecting (App Tracking Transparency) and ask permission to track their users …

Meaning people now have a choice and can abrogate intelligent tracking.

In 2021, this disruption is intensifying as a result of the growing online privacy war. This war will have a profound effect on how you grow your long term business…

GDPR was introduced  in Europe in May 2018. CCPA was introduced in California in January 2020. Apple’s web browser, Safari, abrogated 3rd party cookies in early 2021 by introducing Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). Google’s Chrome is two year’s behind but will fully phase out third party cookies sometime in 2022.

Google is famous for changing its algorithm when it sees people abusing Google Search to artificially manipulate rankings.  These slaps (Panda, for example) have fundamentally changed  how small businesses find and are found by new customers. 

In the process,  small businesses built on doubtful foundations have been destroyed.

Apple is making a stand to protect the privacy of its customers. Through their dominance of the mobile phone & tablet market they have the power to change how Ad platforms track your data. 

Every iPhone and iPad comes with a default browser, Safari, which represents 40% of mobile usage. 

Remember, 80% of traffic is mobile.

66% of that is from IOS devices.

Tier 11, who spend $100m per annum on Facebook Ads say that 60% of their traffic comes from IOS devices.

Advertising thrived for decades without invading personal privacy. 

Facebook has changed all that by tracking you everywhere you go, not just on its platform but also your off-Facebook activity, too.

You should know Facebook have a new feature where they can track all “Off Facebook Activity”, purchases, bank accounts, email, apps, etc.  To turn it off go to your Facebook Settings, then ‘Your Facebook Information’, Scroll down to “Off Facebook Activity”, then click “Clear History”.  Next click “More options” and turn off “Future activity“.

You may be sitting there saying… “No big deal. I don’t advertise so it won’t affect me

But there’s more…

What we have been talking about up to now is Third Party Data collected by Facebook’s pixel and made available to you through the Ad Manager.

Now let’s look at first party data.

That is data that you collect based on visits to your own website. Remember that your site ‘cookies’ these people so you can remarket to them.

Trouble is that these cookies now only last for seven days.

Meaning your ability to track site visitors has been reduced considerably.

Why am I telling you all this?

The way entrepreneurs have acquired new customers over the last 5 years is history. The world has moved on.

We are going back to the future. 

Conventional marketing campaigns will not cut it anymore. 

We have to rethink. 

Go back to first principles.

This is especially true for small businesses who have to leverage every minute of every working day to squeeze the maximum return on their time invested.

Get ready to discover how you can not only survive but thrive in the era of digital privacy by creating a story driven business…

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