Chapter 10


We’ve discovered that our Long Term Business is a circular system of which we are an integral part.

The inevitable conclusion is that we should not only optimise our external strategy and processes but also our internal ones too.

There is a lot more to this than changing our mindset.

It is about shining a light into the dark corners of the ‘attic’ and coming to terms with ideas and events that we have been trying to push away or ignore.

It is only when we can see the whole space and make friends with all the pieces that make up the whole ‘me’ that we are able to show up as we truly are.




To work on our Core Being so we can show up as the real ‘me’ is a first principle for our LTB.

Then the road blocks we have put in the way of our progress can be identified and removed.

Part of this process is to identify our core values.

These are a set of first principles for our own personal internal OS.



When you take each of your values and make it the moral of a story it acts like a magnet pushing away the people who do not feel aligned with it and attracting the people who do.

This is the way you make sure you only do business with the people you want to do business with.

Your values are what your brand stands for.

They are what you stand for.

Combine your values with the #1 outcome you want your LTB to produce and you have the necessary rails on which your business will run.

These principles are the filter that every one of your decisions will be passed through.

For me, another first principle is storytelling.

There are two things that set homo sapiens apart from other sentient beings on planet earth.

The first is our ability to imagine something that does not exist. To conceptualise. To create a vision of a better future.

The second is our ability to tell stories.

We developed the skill back at the dawn of time, when we started to band together to form bands, then tribes and finally nations.

Telling and listening to stories was the way we decided who was reliable. Who was honest. Who should be in our band. 

The natural leader was able to tell stories to inspire his followers to meet challenges they never dreamt they could.

It enabled that leader to grow his or her tribe beyond the critical number of around 100 and begin to exponentially build a nation of people who all believed in the same ideals.

Story matters.

It is a first principle.

When you look at the great leaders throughout history, they have all been great storytellers.

We sat around campfires listening to stories of derring do. Learning from our elders. Now we sit round our digital campfires reading stories and deciding who to learn from and who to ignore.

Storytelling is a first principle.

All we have to do is develop the skill to use stories in a strategic way in our branding and in our marketing.

Story Inception is that strategic way.


To work on your core being so you can show up as the real you is a first principle for your LTB.

To make your values the morals of your stories is a first principle for attracting customers who you want to work with.


To inspire these potential customers, we need to tell stories which are a first principle when it comes to our branding and marketing strategy.

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