Chapter 18

Nurturing High Quality Leads

Say you think running cold conversion Ads on Facebook could be a great way to boost your intake of new clients. 

Did you know that after analyzing his clients’ data, Internet marketing godfather Dean Jackson concluded that…

Only 30% of your audience could become customers.

Of them, only 15% may be ready to do business with you in the first 90 days. The rest (85%) may do business with you in the next 18 months. 

This begs these two questions… 

FIRST: Are you simply going to onboard the ones ready to do business right now? … That is perhaps 2% of that 15%

And forget the rest?


SECOND: Are you going to nurture all the Connections you have made so that you maximise your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)?

To me, it’s a no brainer…

If you pick the first, you struggle to cover Ad spend.

Each one of those peeps will want to get to know, like and trust you before they will be ready to do business with you.

Using the strategy of preeminence, you have a duty to nourish and nurture them. To build relationships; To move them from resistant to receptive to ready to buy. 

This takes time.

Which begs another question…

As third party cookies have been abrogated and first party cookies only last 7 days, your remarketing campaigns on Facebook and elsewhere are strictly limited in scope so how can you nurture those leads over 18 months and maybe more?

Note: I have been on one particular email list for more than 7 years and still open every email I receive.

If you pick the second, you accept the most qualified people on to your email list… where you build a relationship with each one of them over time.

And,  you invite them to join your Facebook group where you can make  friends so they see your organic posts in their Newsfeeds.

So you have four ways to interact with them

#1: Through eMail campaigns.
#2: Through your Group LIVES and videos.

#3: Through Free GUIDES, MANIFESTOS and posts.

#4: Through BOOSTING POSTS on your Facebook Business Page to… 

  1. A  custom audience made up of people on your email list.
  2. A custom audience of people who like your page.

And you’d be half right…

This strategy leaves you with one foot in the social media world and one foot in the one you’re building for yourself reducing the risk to your business.

Who knows if Facebook will be as strong going forward as it has been over the last five years or more?

There is no guarantee that it will be, with looming legislation on both sides of the Atlantic to contain its reach and influence.

Note I said… “Accept the most qualified people on to your email list

It is important to ensure that the people on your list are of the highest quality possible. We are not seeking the bragging rights that having a big list may afford.

Remember, leads gathered from a ‘Lead’ objective Facebook Ad campaign are not likely to convert because Facebook’s algorithm makes no connection between ‘leads’ and people who are likely to convert.

How do I know?

Simple. I tested the strategy and have the results to prove it.

So in the world of digital privacy, your goal must be to attract the highest quality leads you can onto your email list. You will then be able to interact with them for as long as you both want to.

Which no doubt leaves you with one final question…

How can I consistently and reliably attract the highest quality leads? 

Simply put, run ‘Conversion’ campaigns integrated with story driven landing pages or mini-sites in your ‘Influence Engine’. 

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