Chapter 2

Your Big Idea

When you first set out to develop a new product or service, you will have an inkling as to what that will be but it will not be a fully formed thought.

 Just an inkling…

It is now time to develop your big idea. 

To define exactly what it is, what it does, for whom and why as clearly as possible.

Saying it is for…

  • Entrepreneurs is too vague…
  • Business consultants is a little clearer but not much.
  • Business consultants who live in the United States and earn $10k per month focusing on the startup industry is a little more concise but there’s a way to go still.
  • Coaches, consultants and other experts delivering a done-for-you- service who are doing at least $5k per month and want to scale to $15k per month and beyond, simply by writing great stories that attract, engage, motivate and inspire people to enrol in their high-ticket offers.

Mind you, they must love writing and sharing their thoughts about the topics they’re an expert in and have a lot of experience serving clients in their area of expertise (ideally years or decades), and already have a pretty clear idea of what problem they solve and who they enjoy helping the most.

They must also appreciate that one of the most important investments they could ever make is how to communicate their value through the written word.

That is concise.

Here is a framework, I give to clients to help them define their Big Idea. 

Take your time to complete this. Don’t rush. Doing the work will help you to clarity.

If you’re confused, your messaging will be too. 

Kinda like playing a song on a badly tuned Les Paul guitar. 

People will hear the music, feel the rhythm…

But it won’t sound right. 

They will not be as impressed as they should be. 

It will be much harder to attract, engage and motivate them.

Having a clearly defined big idea is the one of the best leverage points for growing your business. It will make average marketing appear great. It may even ensure that the growth of your company feels effortless.

Your Big idea

For… Your ideal customer

Who is dissatisfied with… #1 Pain point/Urgent problem

My product or service is a… #1 Feature / Advantage

That provides… Relief for #1 pain point/Urgent problem

This thing is unique because… Unique mechanism

My product is… Intellectually interesting name + primary promise 

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