Chapter 20

Implanting new ideas

“ A strong emotion, especially if experienced for the first time, leaves a vivid memory of the scene where it occurred..” – Algernon Blackwood, Born Mar. 14, 1869.

Did you see the movie “Inception” where a team of mental mercenaries led by Leonardo DiCaprio set out to implant an idea in someone’s head in such a way that they make the mistake of believing it was their own?

I can teach you how and you won’t even need a weird little suitcase with an IV drip machine inside, a 12 hour long haul flight and a kidnapped subject to make it happen.  

Just like Blackwood said in that quote, remembered scenes and emotions are tied together. You don’t have to read someone’s mind to get their memories. 

You  can make it work backwards…

Meaning you can give someone a scene and an emotion, and tell them where you want them to remember to experience it, and when they do, they will feel like it came from them.

The way you do this is with a certain kind of message. 

You tell them you can guess what their day is like.
Then you read them the page from their diary of that day…

Let’s say you know your audience are coaches, consultants and expert service providers who would love to scale to 7 figures and beyond but are somehow stuck at the low end of 6 in a good year.

They wake up early doors feeling tired having had yet another sleepless night. Before their feet hit the floor they’re almost dreading the day ahead.  

They take a shower, shave, dress and grab their first pick-me-up on the way out of the door.  They can’t face the accusing looks and the silent inquisition from the other half if they breakfasted together.

They head off to his local coffee shop.  Check their email while waiting in line for their favorite Mocha. The promised confirmation from that new client still hasn’t arrived.

Their to do list is as long as ever.
They check their Messenger App…

They’re trying to put a brave face on things but the business is not attracting enough new clients. Maybe if they tried another new hack or another shortcut it would make all the difference? Organic outreach takes too long. Their Ad campaigns are not working as  well as they’d hoped. It’s a soul destroying grind.

If only they could find a more sustainable way of reaching out to new prospects. Facebook Ads are expensive but they have a few dollars to spend.  

But with Digital privacy cramping their style is it worth it?

“Honey, I’d love to take you and the kids to see mom and pop but right now finances are tight and I’ve got a lot on. Yes, I know this has been going on for two years now but… blah, balh, blah.”

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

They feel like a heel. At their wits end, they know they’re no closer to sorting this than they were last  month or the month before… or the month before that.

They are professional procrastinators (NOT).

They’d love to hire a coach or a consultant to help them make a breakthrough.

There’s no shortage of possibilities.
But they all seem to be singing the same tune.
And that tune seems dissonant to them so they soldier on.


Frightened (they don’t dare to admit it tho’).

Tom, a guy they know sits down at the same table. The new arrival just can’t stop telling them how great he’s doing. They smile. Put a brave face on things…  but deep down in their gut, there’s only emptiness.

That little voice in the back of their head is bullying them again.

Eventually Tom gets up and bounces out of the coffee shop on his way to the beach to meet his girl. 

At last they’re alone, to wrestle with the day ahead…

It’s groundhog day.
Nothing gets done.
That should be getting done.

No new hot leads, either…

They get home, eat dinner, fuss over the kids, kiss their spouse and disappear into the spare room laptop in hand to watch yet another webinar which turns out to be yet another pitch fest (as usual). 

When they get to bed the other half is in the land of nod. They’re exhausted. By 0200, their eyes are staring into the darkness. 

What if…
What if… 

The stress is unbearable.

Only to do it all over again tomorrow, and the next day. All day. Every day. Week in. Week out. Forever.

Now, admittedly, I just slapped the above together quickly. If it was real copy, I would edit it down and pretty it up.

But as far as effect, you should be able to spot it.

What it does is take to make a lot of general, broadly applicable guesses about the daily routine of your prospect. The lack of progress. The soul destroying grind…

It also makes some specifically (probably wrong) guesses when it comes to detail – like the lack of regular new clients. 


Those are there because they make the reader “correct” you mentally and fill in their own details. BEING WRONG in the story in a SHARPLY distinct way drives the reader to become a participant.

To correct you.

This sets them up to recognize the life they are leading and reject it at every level they experience it.. To deeply desire something different.

They feel it each and every day.
This is only part of it, of course. 


What do you think their reaction would be if you switched their belief that the problem is NOT that Facebook outreach doesn’t work (it does) but something much more profound?

Switch their belief, point by point, moment by moment to understand what the real problem is…

Do you think a light bulb would go off in their head?
Do you think they’d look out for your next email or post?
Do you think that then you could use ‘inception’ to switch another belief?

Another story. Another gold nugget. Another new belief. Another step to  finding clarity. Another step towards taking action.

What’s the flip side of the above scenario?
What’s the vision they have of their ideal day?

The one they long to live?  

Maybe something like this:

INSTEAD of that same uninspiring routine 24/7/365 imagine instead that they wake up whenever they want. Fix breakfast for the family. Enjoy a great coffee with their wife – made with coarse ground coffee beans  brewed in a French press (with added organic cacao powder). Talk about their plans for the day. Then commute to the study with a view over the lake taking in a shower on the way.

No sneaking off to Starbucks.
No having to face up to groundhog day.

Just enjoying the view while checking metrics and tweaking a few systems. Heck, they could even go work outside on the back deck if they felt like it after lunch.

Or better still.

They could knock off  and spend the whole afternoon with the kids. 

They might even take some together-time and take their beloved shopping for something she’s always wanted or amble over to their sailboat for a quiet afternoon out on the water.

It could be like that.

Following up the negative emotional experience scenario with the positive  is like laying out a magic carpet to fly them to the life they always promised themselves..

Reading their journal to them about the life of their dreams brings you closer to them. Builds an emotional bridge. Creates a bond. When you do this over and over again you deepen the connection to the point that cookies become irrelevant. 

We give them belief. 

Finally they have found someone who is laying out a way to fix the challenge they face.

Tell stories like this in a strategic way and the people who read them will change their worldview to the point where they feel like they are CONSTANTLY and INESCAPABLY thinking of buying your thing.

They can’t help it.

They feel like their own deep desires are driving those thoughts.

We know better!

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