Chapter 22

The Belief Stack

“Everyone trusts their own ideas. If, rather than pushing your idea on your buyer, you can guide them to discover it on their own, they’ll believe it, trust it, and get excited about it. Then they’ll buy in and feel good about the chance to work with you.” – Oren Klaff

Starting at the bottom, with the starting belief our goal is to stack a series of logical beliefs that our potential customer has to say ‘Yes’ to before they can decide to work with you.

Each time they agree to take a new belief on board, they move just a little closer to buying from you. 

Note: The ‘Belief Stack’ is the only social media content strategy you’ll ever need especially when combined with the ‘Belief Shifting Matrix’ and the list of ‘Belief Shifting Story Topics’.

First they have to believe you are Relevant

That is you have attracted their attention with your Belief Shifting post (see Chapter 23 for more) in which you lead with empathy by putting your finger on a symptom they are dealing with and empathise with them about the impact that is having on their life before teaching them some simple steps to take to get unstuck and start moving forward.

Step #2 is to switch their attention from the symptom they think they have to cure to the real challenge they face which is far more profound. 

This problem switch brings them face to face with a new insight and it is you who has helped them realise it by offering your diagnosis of the true reason they are struggling.

You must therefore be an expert.

Now they’re inquisitive and want to know more about you. Here’s where you tell personal stories. Use images to give them an insight into your lifestyle. And how you practice what you preach.

This third step is where you deepen the connection and start to build a relationship. They start to listen more closely and are drawn towards you. They become more open and receptive giving you the chance to talk more about how they can overcome the challenge they face.

You are now moving into the fourth phase where you are teaching, telling stories about others who have travelled this road before and how they are just like your potential customer. You can provide proof even if you are just starting out by pointing to well known people or organisations who do/did the same thing.

For instance, I point to Elon Musk who leads a story driven business which is now the most valuable vehicle manufacturer on the planet. In fact, it is worth more than the next top 6 car companies combined.

This is an authority building exercise.

Now, on to stage 5 where you build the belief that they can do it too and therefore can live the life they always wanted to. When you see someone else in your same market who is super successful and living the life you dream of, your inner voice starts telling you there’s no way you could do that.

In fact, it’s just a question of focusing on your own game, taking it one step at a time and not getting distracted by what others are doing. Colonel Sanders didn’t start Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65.

This is a good time to answer all those questions your peeps may have in the back of their minds. A question is an objection in disguise. It is also the moment when you could ask a few yourself with the aim of getting them to qualify themselves…

Finally, you arrive at step 6 and it’s time to invite them to join you on the journey

They have moved from their comfort zone to the point where they can make a buying decision in comfort. 

Take a look at the Belief Shifting Matrix below to see how that all fits together.

That just leaves you wondering how to tell all these stories …


Chapter 23 sets out the Belief Shifting Story Framework which will help you in Stage #1 above but maybe used elsewhere in the matrix.

Chapter 24 gives you a list of Belief Shifting Story Topics you can use.  Noone wants to be repetitive so mix these up and never repeat the same framework on two consecutive days.

That said, the principle is to relate each story you tell back to a symptom your audience may be feeling and weave into it how that symptom may be overcome in a few simple steps. 

Start from a different base, though…