Chapter 25

What is an Influence Engine?

Let’s start with a goal in mind…

In this case, it is to ensure that only the highest quality peeps add themselves to your subscriber list. By implication, this means that everyone that does not qualify goes somewhere else for help.

Only dealing with the best qualified must be the goal for every business that wants to be a happy customer factory in the era of digital privacy.

Their attention is the most important asset you can possess. Nurturing  these potential customers takes time as we have understood when discussing the ‘Belief Stack’ and the ‘Belief Shifting Matrix’ which are the backbone of your content marketing strategy. 

In recent years, people have become lazy (me too) and come to rely on social media platforms and their ability to create hyper focused audiences for us then remarket to them.  

We have all made this mistake and now need to evolve especially in the light of the privacy changes being forced on everyone by Apple.

Don’t get me wrong. It is high time that privacy became top priority online. I support everything Apple is doing (Google too) to improve their customer experience especially when it comes to privacy.

What we are seeing now are just the first steps in the digital privacy war.

It is impossible to target individuals based on their browsing habits. Advertising audiences will be based on Cohorts. Meaning groups of people who may have a similar interest. Ads will turn up in your Facebook newsfeed which are of no interest at all.

You will know someone bought a product from you but not who. Your remarketing audiences will be limited to 7 days and be smaller.

The only way to build reliable LookaLike audiences is to upload high quality lists from your auto-responder so you must do all you can to build those lists.  

And build your own ‘Influence Engine’ that no one can take from you.

Remember, Facebook is booting people off their Ad Manager and closing accounts for apparently no reason (Their guidelines for Advertisers are fuzzy) hence people are drifting off to YouTube, Linkedin or TikTok…

More platforms that you have no control over.

Moral of the story…

Build your email list. 

Make sure the people on it are of the highest quality and wean yourself off renting space on other platforms. Social Media is fracturing and becoming more diverse. 

The big players of the last five years may just be also-rans in 5 years time. 


If your business is built entirely on Facebook, it is at risk.

Becoming hyper clear on who those highest quality leads are, is super important (That’s one of the things I help my clients zero in on) before you get to either the ‘Inception Engine’ or the ‘Influence Engine’.

The primary use for the former is to create the only Belief Shifting Social Media Content Strategy you’ll ever need which includes posting on blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Substack and Revue.

These are the outer reaches of your Influence Engine (T.I.E) which snag passing peeps and guide them inwards. They are there to move people in  different audiences towards the appropriate story based mini-site.

Each story based mini-site is there to educate and entertain fresh cold contacts. The story is designed to help them recognise themselves and shift their beliefs so they are ready to opt in because they truly value your help.

To build momentum and cash flow, I always ask clients to focus on one audience at a time so they can make sure each Belief Shifting Story Matrix is as relevant as possible.

Focus on building your ‘Starter Influence Engine’ using organic lead generation strategy on your Facebook profile / group /page and email until you know your offer converts. You will then be able to set aside some revenue for Ads.

Once you have reached ‘cruising altitude’ with one audience, you can start work on a second given that every product or service could probably appeal to more than one vertical.

The developed Influence Engine (T.I.E) contains several story mini-sites, one for each vertical, each pointing towards your main money site. 

A Manifesto Site (M.S) is a story based deep dive into a particular aspect of your product or service. For instance, I created this one to express my thoughts on branding.