Chapter 26

The Story Based Mini-Site

A story based mini-site is a pre-sell site designed to move visitors towards making a buying decision.

Whereas the ‘Invitation to work one-on-one’ (a page on your website) should be used to bring high ticket clients closer to a decision to work with you, the ‘story based mini-site’ ( a separate domain) is focused on lower ticket information based or physical products coming direct from cold conversion Ads.

Here is a simple funnel so you can see what happens downstream

Better to build a list of customers who have actually opened their wallets to you than build a list of leads who may not convert. The former may be smaller but is way more valuable.

Note: Facebook’s algorithm makes no connection between someone who will opt in and someone who will become a customer. 

Here goes… Let’s structure our story.  It’s a simple idea or concept.

Your goal is to create a story that affects what people NEED to BELIEVE, REALIZE and AGREE to BEFORE they can ACCEPT the NEED (and DESIRE) for the product or service being sold…  and buy now.

The ‘Belief Shifting Matrix’ works over weeks and months to build relationships with potential customers BEFORE they are ready to INVEST IN THEMSELVES with your guidance.

As always putting this in to practice is the hard part.

First you need to know your ideal customer almost better than they know themselves. 

  • What is the external challenge they face?… The big challenge
  • What is the internal impact?… The emotional fallout
  • What is the philosophical outcome?… The solution they think they need.

And you need to be able to define where these people hang out and what they talk about when they do.

I spend a lot of time with clients getting clarity on these things. You’d be surprised how many are not as clear as they should be despite having 6 figure businesses. This usually manifests itself as not being able to define the big challenge they solve or a simple path to overcoming it.

We make 2 lists… The first being for our ideal client (the good guy) and the second for our client from hell (the bad guy) and we give each one a name.

Let’s call them Tom and Bill. Each has a predetermined worldview based on the limiting beliefs that make up their comfort zone.

Tom Bill

Structuring your story is a two stage process.

#1: Define the buying belief 

(By the time they see the buy button they should believe…)

#2: Pick out the defining characteristics for each

#3: Work backwards to each starting belief.

Here’s an example …

Bill ruins his chances to gain long term security because he is always looking for a quick fix, short cut or hack. He doesn’t recognise the impact that digital privacy could have on his business. He’s a short term thinker. This is a symptom of a much more fundamental problem. He puts himself before his customers and focuses on what he can get NOT ON HOW HE CAN SERVE.

Tom is well off because he knows his business is nothing without happy customers. He cares. He is aware. He wishes to serve them to the best of his ability. He wants to build long term relationships with them. He recognises that the momentum towards digital privacy is a good thing and that this pivot will impact his business in more ways than he can imagine so he is determined to create his own walled garden where he can nurture his prospects. He wants only quality leads as subscribers.

Remember… When they feel it’s THEIR own idea (based on the story you have told) and come to their own conclusion, they own it. It’s theirs. It gets added to their ‘Belief Stack’. 

In the process, they expand their worldview.

It’s about them changing beliefs and dispelling objections before they even arise in their conscious mind. When it works well, it is a wonderful thing to behold but, as I said before, it takes practice to get right.

In the new world of digital privacy, success is about playing the long game (It always has been). 

Storytelling makes an emotional connection. Told well a story will reach out and grab people more powerfully than any cookie ever could.

Read that last sentence again…

It is the story that will stick in their memory. It is this that will keep your audience coming back for more. It is this that will ensure your email open rates skyrocket because people will want to hear from you…

The truth is that when you are transparent, treat your prospects as you would like to be treated and let them make their own decisions, magical things start to happen.

Your peeps will vote with their feet.

Your client attraction process will not need constant adjustment.

You will find yourself with a growing business that requires less of your time.

Now let’s look at an example of a Mini-Site Story… 

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