Chapter 28

Traffic Overview

Conventional thinking says you have two choices when it comes to attracting traffic. You either pay for it or you work for it (organic).

If you watch what the pros are actually doing you will see that there is a third way which maximises the effectiveness of your search for high quality new leads.

Before I get there, I want to make it clear that in the era of digital privacy the strategy  you have been using to pay for traffic has to change.

The old way will no longer work as well as it once did. 

Your cold audience are seeing many more Ads in which they have no interest at all due to the disappearance of Third Party Cookies.

Google lets you target Cohorts…groups of people but not individuals.

Facebook targeting is not so accurate… and their algorithm is not as smart as it once was, so finds it harder to find your ideal customer.

This leaves you having to do the work of sifting through a much larger audience to find the best qualified leads for yourself. 

Which is why the ‘Inception Engine’ and the ‘Influence Engine’  have become even more relevant for their ability to triage your audience.

Sorting the sheep from the goats…

The third way, the better way of attracting traffic is the hybrid way.

A combination of paid and organic that compounds your results.

A combination of the social media ecosystem and the Google Ecosystem.

Leaving you straddling two worlds.

And in the process, mitigating risk.

And maximising probabilities.

A word of advice…

Master one leg of the traffic chair before going on to the next. 

So when testing a new offer start by using the Facebook organic strategy.

Then compound the results you are getting by going hybrid, extending your reach and talking to a far bigger audience than the 5000 Facebook allows you on your profile.

I’ll explain how in a following chapter….

At the same time, you will have to master the ‘Inception Engine’ so your story driven messaging is on point… And all that comes before it too.

Next, it’s time to build out the first of your story driven mini sites (landing pages) and dive into building a cold lead conversion sequence from Ad copy, to landing page to opt in to email sequence using a LookaLike audience based on your results to date.

All using one traffic source… in this case Facebook.

When you have that system up and running, you will find that your Ad spend will move from the debit side of your ledger to the credit side because every dollar you will spend will produce 2, 3 or even 5 times what you invested.

You may be tempted to stop there.

Remember, the greatest barrier to total success is partial success.

Your business will be standing on one traffic leg which increases the probability of catastrophic failure. Zuck could just off your source of leads for no apparent reason.

He may put you in Facebook jail and shut you out of your account. It happens all the time and can take weeks to resolve.

So it’s time to develop another source of traffic.

You could add Linkedin and use an adapted form of your Facebook organic strategy.


You could simply switch to Google.

This has 2 parts…

  1. Search Engine Marketing (Organic)
  2. Google Ads/Display Ads (Paid)

Part A means adapting and developing your most successful social media posts to date by writing best in class articles. This could take the form of a Manifesto… Quality over Quantity.

Your email list will be growing by now.

 This is not only a good thing in the age of digital privacy but also the foundation of your future success by providing you with the wherewithal to create highly targeted audiences based on your subscribers list.

Before we dive in and look at the Facebook organic strategy, let’s take a quick tour of what we know about the Facebook Ad Manager in the age of iOS14.5 …

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