Chapter 29

8 Data Points

In the age of digital privacy, Facebook’s ability to deliver data on where your funnel is breaking down/being successful is limited. 

Facebook restricts you to just 8 data points in order of priority per pixel. Most eComm businesses will opt to make sales completions (thank you page) their #1 metric.

Choose wisely. 

The fact that you may have created a series of story driven mini-sites (each with their own Domain) is a good thing. You can create a pixel for each one and then choose 8 data points for each, provided you have verified the new domain with Facebook. 

But that won’t change the fact that attributions are limited to 7 days.

As a high ticket coach, consultant or an expert delivering a done-for-you- service, you may be thinking that this cramps your style.

And you’d be right.

Even in the good old days, when you had a 30 day attribution window, you were struggling to get enough data from your cold conversion Ad campaigns. The fact that it’s now been reduced to 7 days  just compounds the problem.

So what’s the solution? 

The key to winning DEPENDS on working with, not against, the major players… Facebook and Google.

Remember, Chrome is stopping all 3rd party cookies in 2022 and switching to their privacy sandbox. Meaning you’ll be able to target a ‘Cohort’ of people who like Nike shoes, say, but not individuals like before.

So same-same in both environments.

Leaving with you a challenge…

How to put together successful Ad campaigns that over time nurture and nourish high quality leads that eventually put their hands up one by one and pay the onboarding fee to become customers?

You have the strategy… 

Build an ‘Inception Engine’ before creating an ‘Influence Engine’ for each vertical of each audience.

Now we have to draw well qualified leads to us.

Here’s what we know about Facebook…

In the era of digital privacy, every action that takes place ON Facebook is trackable in detail. 

Only an estimated 40% of  OFF platform actions can be tracked thanks to iOS App Tracking Transparency opt outs. 

Remember, Apple dominates the mobile market with their iPhone and iPad so any App in their App store will have to comply with A.T.T. including Facebook and Google.

ON Facebook Attribution

  • Engagement campaigns using videos up to 2 minutes in length will report video views between 10% to 95% accurately. 
  • Lead generation campaigns report accurate results.  The trouble is Facebook makes no connection between the sort of  person who will opt in and the sort of person who will convert so this traffic may be low quality.
  • Conversion Campaigns that use video creatives give you accurate video view percentages and unique CTRs but conversion attributions are degraded as explained above.

OFF Facebook Attribution 

  • Conversion Campaigns. The most accurate conversion data you can find is based on First Part Cookies and ‘tagged subscribers’ on your email list


  • Focus on attracting the highest possible quality of leads to your email list and your ‘Audience’ on Manychat. This will give you 2 channels by which you can communicate and allow you to attract warm leads to attend your LIVES and other events in your Group.

Facebook Audiences

The best advice..

Saved audience effectiveness will degrade overtime starting March 2021. Facebook has a mountain of historical data on each account holder so their ability to help you create highly targeted audiences will degrade overtime because they will be unable to refresh data on up to 60% of their account holders.

Custom audiences based on ON Facebook activity are as accurate as ever. Business Page Engagement and Video Views particularly so.

Custom audiences based on OFF Facebook activity are degraded thanks to IOS App Tracking Transparency opt outs. Facebook advertisers will see a drop in conversion reporting as a result of this and the attribution window being limited  to just 7 days… leading to a possible loss of new business of up to 60%.

Lookalike audiences The minimum source audience size is 100 people. The more people in your source audience sample, the more accurate will the lookalike audience be.

  • Based on a list of conversions uploaded from your autoresponder are best but it will take time to build that list to over 100 as a coach, consultant or expert service provider.
  • Based on Video Views will be accurate and practical. Meaning generating a list of up to 1000 75% or 95% video views is doable on a small budget.

Remarketing Campaigns

  • Based on conversions based on a list downloaded from your autoresponder service and uploaded to Facebook Ad Manager. This will be more accurate than relying on metrics provided by Facebook which could be estimated/projected due to lack of data.
  • Based on Video 75% to 95% Views generated should be used in your hybrid traffic strategy.

Now let’s dive into the Facebook Organic Strategy that you will use to test engagement with your story driven content and fine tune your offers.

This will allow you to build revenue and allocate a budget for automating the initial time consuming phase.

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