Chapter 30

Facebook Organic Traffic Strategy

These are the EXACT actions to take to be SURE your Facebook organic strategy brings in one or more new clients every week.

Week in. Week out.

The catch is that you have to consistently deliver awesome story driven posts based on the ‘Belief Shifting Matrix’ and the associated ‘Belief Shifting Story Framework’.

There is no mystery to this. It is simple. The hard part is being consistent. The secret is to weave your offer into the stories you write about the symptoms that your ideal customer is experiencing and then lead them on a journey to redemption.

#1:  Get clear on who your ideal client is, what jobs they want to get done (your offer) and what outcome they most earnestly want to achieve. 

Note: I cover this in Part 1 so if you skipped it, go back and do the work because this is the hardest part. If you don’t have this figured out, nothing else will work as it should.)

#2. Make 10 friend requests each and every week day to 10 new awesome people who you wish to join you on your profile. ( Include weekends to make faster progress). 

Note: Don’t forget to visit those people’s profiles to check how active they are just JUST BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR POST and comment on a post you like so you are pretty sure you are making a good request. Quality over Quantity… This is time consuming but unavoidable. Be consistent. 

#3: Make a mind-blowing ‘belief shifting’ post a minimum of 3 times a week on your personal Timeline based on the ‘Belief Shifting Matrix’ and the associated ‘Belief Shifting Story Framework’ that focuses on one particular symptom (a smaller problem that is part of the bigger problem) that your peeps believe they have that  is relevant to the outcome you deliver. 

Note: Weave your offer (an abbreviated version of the 500-word ‘Invitation’ framework at the end of Chapter 6), into your post every single time. I have given you ‘Story Topics’ so you can vary the theme of each post. 

#4: Once every 7 to 10 days, make a direct offer to your peeps to join your program – in 500 – 1000 words (following the ‘Invitation’ story framework at the end of Chapter 6).

5) Roughly twice a week (weekends work well), share a story post based on one of the ‘Topics’ I have given you which is not offer based in any way. 

Note: Lifestyle, personal story, values/beliefs etc work well. These could be video, images etc…

6) Clean your friends list once every quarter. Remove inactive people. There are various Apps you can use to do this with. I use ‘FriendFilter’ which allows you to whitelist close family etc. 

Note: Facebook allows you to have 5000 friends max. but the algorithm takes note of the percentage of engagement you get from your friends list so aim to maintain a list of up to 3000 friends with an engagement of between 15 and 20%. Friendfilter gives you these stats.

That is it!

Keep this method going and results (1 new client per week) will be consistent and predictable, once you have built up momentum. The easiest way to do this is to block off time in your diary every day. You will start receiving friend requests as well as serious inquiries. 

Aim for quality over quantity. 

The more you stick to the story frameworks and the more specific you are about WHO it’s for, the WHAT they can expect and the cost involved, the more likely you are to receive leads that will convert.

Remember you are not trying to get people on the phone for a ‘clarity call’. You want people to buy into your program before they even DM you.  

This system works so build momentum and stick with it. 

It is demanding and requires persistence if you are adding 10+ people per day. Take the time to comment on one of their posts when you make a friend request, then they will receive 2 notifications and are more likely to check you out. 

The results are CONSISTENT if you do the work.

The devil is in the detail, of course so that’s what I help my 1:1 clients deal with…  DETAILS involved in the 6 points mentioned above.

We look at the details of how you’re framing your offer and what’s included in it, as well as who precisely is a good fit for it.

We look at the details of how you’re writing that 500-1000 word offer statement. (You won’t believe how picky I get about the words and sentences people use. Tuning and refining these makes a huge difference to the clarity of your messaging, by the time we’re finished.)

We look at how you’re weaving your offer into the stories you tell and at how you give them the way points on their journey to the outcomes they seek. (There is an art and a science to this, although the elements to be included are simple and few)

We also look at who you are adding as a friend and where you can find the right people.

As well as how you’re handling the DM conversations when the inquiries come in (I’ve gotten that down to a system too!).

The result is a steady flow of leads and clients that creates the business and the income you’ve always dreamed of.

This can mean anything from $10K/month to $50K/month (I’ve had clients achieve both, and everything in between!).

With 2-6 hours of work per day (totally adjustable depending on your schedule and desires) this is totally doable.

Pretty awesome, right?

My container for doing this 1:1 work with folks is a ‘30-day Story Driven Workshop’. It works best for people who’ve been coaching, consulting or doing whatever work they do for a good amount of time (years or decades) and are pretty settled on their niche and ideal client (not in the process of pivoting or debating between two or more).

And obviously, it’s a great fit for you if you love the idea of just writing great posts and letting the pre-sold leads roll in, and not having to do any sales calls.

Just DM me if interested in the 30-day 1:1 program and we’ll have a chat to see if you would be the best candidate to get the kinds of results I outline above.

Note: Don’t get distracted by the engagement you’re getting. Being the ‘likeable expert’ may feel good but you cannot take a bag of ‘Likes’ to the bank. 80% of your audience will be watching from the wings and only engaging occasionally. The more they see you in their Newsfeed the better.
To ensure they do see you, it is good to go comment on their posts too. This is social media, remember, so start conversations whenever you can. Be disciplined about the time you spend or it will take over your world.