Chapter 31

Facebook Hybrid Traffic Strategy

The best Ads ask no one to buy. That is useless. Often they do not quote a price. They do not say that dealers handle the product. The Ads are based entirely on service. They offer wanted information.” – Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

The biggest time suck involved in the ‘Facebook Organic Strategy’ is in finding the people to initiate friend requests with, so let me show you how you can automate this AND reach out to 100 times as many people per day.

Before I do, let me say two things. 

The first is that Facebook is not a panacea for everyone. 

You may find it better to focus on Linkedin where the algorithm gives you greater reach than on Facebook.

#1: Optimise your profile (
#2: Write regular thought provoking articles.
#3: Promote them by posting every day.
#4: Pick 3 to 5 hashtags that best describe what you do.
#5: Respond to posts with those hashtags by commenting

Keep this consistent and over time you will get noticed.

I am not a Linkedin expert but the above should get you started. 

The second is that you may wish to consider creating a social learning group on Facebook where you can nurture your leads. The way to promote this is to talk about the activity taking place inside the group in your timeline posts.

Remember people want to know WHY they should join so be specific about what they will get out of it and how it will help them reach their specific outcome.

The more you help people the better. Put all your best oranges on the front of the stall. Information is FREE. You can ask Google any question you like and it will give you pages of answers in return. 

What people really pay for is the expertise and experience that can get them the results they want in double quick time. That is they pay to have YOU by their sides to guide them through the maize and give them clarity.

So give them the WHAT and the WHY and an overview of the HOW just like I did at the end of the last Chapter. Keep it simple.

Anyway, having got that off my chest let’s dive into the ‘Facebook Hybrid Traffic Strategy’.

If you haven’t got a Business Page yet, now is the time to set one up because we are going to use that as the hub for this strategy.

It’s a three step process…

#1: Connection
#2: Community
#3: Conversion

Your goal is to extend your reach way beyond the max 5000 on your personal profile. Sift through a very large audience (18m-20m) by making a connection then engage with the people who put their hands up over time and finally give them the opportunity to opt in to your email list (join your community) having been to one of your story driven mini-sites.

This is not an alternative to the Organic Traffic method but an extra refinement designed to bring more people into your ecosphere.

In the process, you will build a 95% video views custom audience that can later be used to create a LookaLike audience to connect with more peeps with the same interest.

So let’s take a look at stage #1: The first connection

This is where you create a saved audience of up to 20 million people with an interest that your ideal customers have. Say… Tony Robbins for a personal development coach, for example.

Next you create a Video Views campaign and set up one Adset for each video Ad you make.

The Ad creative is a video clip of up to 2 minutes being the hook and the lead taken from a 7 to 8 minute video based on one of the ‘Belief Shifting Posts’ you created. 

The full length video should be posted on your business page and shared in your group and on your Timeline (on different days).

Link to the full 8 minute video in the first comment below the Ad.

You set a budget of only $1 per day and you schedule it to run for seven days.

Do this every day for 45 days and watch the number of people you reach explode to close to 6 figures and the number of people who watch your 95% of your videos grow to several 1000 or more.

Go to Audiences and create a custom audience based on 75 and 95% video views.


You have now created an audience on which to base further campaigns.

You will also have noted that lots of people have engaged with your videos who you can invite to like your business page quite quickly. What takes longer is going through the profile of each one and checking who they are, liking and commenting on a post they have made and sending a friend request.

Time well worth spending so you may consider hiring a VA to help you execute  this process.

NOTE: Distribute the full version of your Video to other channels like Youtube and your Blog. You can then promote it over and over again on different social media platforms including Linkedin.

Your new friends will now see your organic posts too, so you will be deepening the connection on a daily basis. It’s a short step from here to them becoming  members of your group.

Reminder:  Only 15% of your potential customers will be ready to buy from you in the first 90 days. It takes time for a relationship to grow; Time for someone to get to know, like and trust you. That leaves 85% who may buy from you over the next 18 months.

I prefer to manage this campaign in my Facebook Ad Manager rather than boosting posts on my business page but you could do this if you prefer.

To keep this campaign running month in month out, you should budget between $350 and $500.

Stage #2: Community – Deepening the connection

You’ve now been running your ‘Organic Traffic Strategy’ for some months and you are generating qualified leads and revenue so you may be ready to increase your Ads budget further.

If so, it’s time to build a Reach Campaign based on the people who have already watched 75 to 95% of the videos in Stage:1. This is an automated way of nurturing these potential customers using a mix of previous posts you created for your ‘Organic Traffic Strategy’ and those 8 minute videos we discussed earlier. 

Stage #3: Conversion

The final piece in your ‘Hybrid Organic Traffic Strategy’ is to put together a Conversion Campaign targeted at your 75 and 95% video views audience to pull people to your story driven mini-site.

I go into Stages #2 & 3 in detail with my long term one on one clients as we develop and refine their client attraction strategies.


By now you will certainly understand that by combining your organic and hybrid traffic strategies your audience will be seeing posts from you almost every day. 

They may not be engaging with every post they see but they cannot help noticing you in their timeline giving value and in the process gently drawing them towards you.

It should be said that amplifying your message in this way can act in a  positive or negative way depending on how good your story driven belief shifting content is, which is why I spend so much time nitpicking almost every word and sentence you write during our time together in my ‘30-day Story Driven Intensive’ 

It works best for people who’ve been coaching, consulting or doing whatever work they do for a good amount of time (years or decades) and are pretty settled on their niche and ideal client (not in the process of pivoting or debating between two or more).

And obviously, it’s a great fit for you if you love the idea of just writing great posts and letting the pre-sold leads roll in, and not having to do any sales calls.

Just DM me if interested in the 30-day 1:1 program and we’ll have a chat to see if you would be the best candidate to get the kinds of results I outline above.

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