Chapter 34

6 Hard Lessons learned

Hard Lesson #1: If it doesn’t feel right… 

Don’t do it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are no shortcuts. Business is an infinite game. Patience and persistence with hard work makes you successful provided that you decide to use first principles. Anecdotal evidence is unreliable. 

Hard Lesson #2: It’s back to the future.

Just because it worked yesterday does not mean it will work tomorrow. The era of digital privacy means strategies and tactics that have proven themselves over decades are once again dominant. 

Relationship building. Service. Treating others as you would be treated. All antiquated concepts you may think but all vital if you want to grow deep connections, community and ultimately conversions.

Story Driven content is the new cookie. It’s organic. Ethical. And long lasting. 

Hard Lesson #3: There are only 24 hours in a day.

Setting boundaries in your life is über important. Give yourself time to think. To step back from the front line and enjoy what you have achieved. There will always be another challenge waiting. That is a given. It is up to you which one to take on and which one to pass on. Say ‘No’ more often than you say ‘Yes’ and you will do well. 

Hard Lesson #4: Conventional thinking.

Conventional thinking is comfortable thinking. You can do it from within your own own comfort zone. Your role in life is to challenge what is accepted. Challenge what others have done before. Find new ways. Take the path less travelled. It may seem that you are choosing to make life difficult for yourself but the reverse is true. You will encounter less competition and attract kindred spirits while doing so…

Hard Lesson #5: Stories mean business.

Stories have been around since the dawn of time. They make facts and figures memorable. They build emotional bridges. Connections that last a lifetime. Change the course of history and engage whole nations in a common belief. 

Stories used in an ethical way in your business will attract a whole army of people to you. Many of whom will buy almost everything you have to sell.

Meaning you have a duty to continually create new offers based on a common theme that enhance your customers ability to increase their understanding and achieve more. 

Hard Lesson #6: It’s a marathon NOT a sprint

When we first get started in business, we leverage hustle to get results. We work long hours, try everything we can think of, and keep grinding to make the dream come alive.

You probably know what I mean from firsthand experience. Sending 100+ cold emails to strangers to sell your agency services. Friending everyone and their mom on Facebook, then writing mini-sales letter posts following “the perfect template” every day hoping to get a phone call or two to sell your coaching. Creating multiple funnels following the “one funnel away” mantra at all costs.

Here’s what makes business truly challenging: All that stuff actually works, but only to a point. After that point, those methods end up hurting your ability to grow and puts your ability to remain profitable in jeopardy.

Chasing clients for business does, in fact, get you clients, but they’re rarely the really, really good ones. The ones who will pay a premium because they chased you rather than you chasing them.

Posting to social media every day does really work, but not if you ever want to live a life outside of hustling for clients. And before you quote Gary V, please note that he spends more than $200,000/month on content-related staff to help him “be everywhere.

Here’s my point:

If your current marketing and sales process requires significant effort on your part, your business won’t survive.

It’s a bold claim.

That does not make it any less true.

Your goal is to build long term sleeper assets (story driven mini-sites) that work to attract the best quality clients possible month-in-month-out whether you happen to be around or not.

These are the people who will ensure your long term success because they are the ones who will implement, get results and tell their friends about you.

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