Chapter 37

What to do next

Look at your existing marketing strategy.

It could involve one of two things…

  1. Expending time and energy networking with colleagues in your industry and hoping to connect with a potential new customer or hoping for a referral.
  2. Spending money on cold conversion advertising and producing less than stellar results based on traditional selling techniques.

Expending time and energy networking produces unpredictable results. When you stop to take a break, your client outreach stops too. You leave no long term sleeper assets working for you while you’re away. The momenntum you have built up is lost.

That said.  In the first phase of business growth, this is probably the best way of verifying your offer, bringing a few new clients on board and developing some cash flow.

Long term it is neither sustainable or productive because it relies on you and only you being out there glad handing potential customers while being completely dependent on one social media platform or another… 

Facebook, Linkedin  being the two major ones. 

In short, you are building your business on ground that you don’t own and could find yourself shut out without warning. Facebook does this all the time with devastating consequences.

Spending money on advertising at least automates your cold outreach and allows you to take a few days off without collapsing your potential new client flow but…

If you are dependent on a lead magnet for opt ins, you probably have low open rates on the emails you send out. 


Your ability to hyper target new audiences using Facebook or Google has gone away now.

Third Party Cookies are history.

Remember, only 15% of your ideal customers may be ready to do business with you in the first 90 days after first contact. That leaves 85% who may do business in the next 18 months.

Without adding a hybrid system that consistently puts you in front of potential new clients on an almost daily basis without being intrusive or annoying, leaves you in danger of having a negative return on Ad spend.

We live in a multi channel world.

So look at your existing marketing strategy.

Is it designed to be effective in the era of digital privacy?
Does it put your ideal customer first?

Is it designed to serve them or you?

Your answers to these questions will determine whether you sink or swim…

If you do decide you want help, reach out to me on Messenger and let’s have an initial chat. 

It would be very helpful to me if you included the following bits of information in your initial message:

a) What kind of business you have or what your expertise is

b) How long you’ve been in business and/or how much experience you have in helping folks in your area of expertise.

c) Some examples of what kinds of results your past clients have gotten (and, have results been similar from client to client? If not, please explain)

d) Your current packages/offers and price points.

e) How much you are earning per month or per year on average.

f) How much you would like to earn by when (or, if your goal is not monetary, what are your goals from working with me?)

g) How you would like to reach your goal or how you thought working with me might help (e.g.: raise prices to X amount, clarify offer, get 2X more leads)

Note: One or two sentences for each item will suffice. I’ll ask if I need more information.

Thank you, and I look forward to chatting with you!

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