Chapter 4

Your Audience

“Nothing endears you to your customer like reading him his own diary, showing that you know what it feels like to be him”.
– Perry Marshall

You may feel that you could sell your product or service to everybody and that may be true, in the end, but remember that Facebook or The Facebook, as it was known at the very beginning, was an App that was only sold to students at Harvard University.

No one else knew about it. It was there that it was tested and developed. It was only when it started to gain traction that several other ivy league universities were added… and the rest is history.

The big takeaway is that you should focus on one tiny audience to start with. In fact, you should focus on the smallest commercially viable audience and make yourself as indispensable as possible to them as you can.

As a coach, consultant or expert delivering a done-for-you-service, this means you become the acknowledged expert who everyone goes to when they have the problem you solve.

Niche research will help you to come up with an hypothesis of what this may be. In fact, you may come up with 2 or 3 or even more things that you could do for them but only when you start to interact with your audience will you find out what they truly want and how they want it.

Top Tip: Take a look in your bathroom mirror, you’ll find a version of your ideal client looking right back at you. The only difference is the one in the mirror has travelled further down the road than the one you’ll be reaching out to. 

Knowing this will help you dial in who to focus on, the challenges they face and how they feel about them.

The ultimate test is… how valuable they find what you are selling and how much are they willing to pay for it?

What is the #1 challenge your ideal customer urgently needs to solve and will pay good money to do so now?ANDHow can you best solve that challenge?

Until your potential clients part with money and buy what you are selling, you do not have a commercially viable business.

To help you define who your ideal customer is, take a sheet of paper.  Fold it in two equal halves vertically.  In the left hand column, write ‘My ideal customer’. In the right hand column, write ‘My Nightmare Customer’. List out all the attributes of each person. Take your time and get very clear about this.

Whether you are just starting out, or have an existing business you want to expand into another market, this exercise is an essential first step towards getting clear on who you THINK you want to deal with.

The second is to check in with them and make sure they are prepared to pay for what you have to offer even if it has to be presented in a different way.

For more insight into how to talk to customers and learn if what you are doing is really going to fly when everyone you ask will probably ly to you read ‘The Mom Test’.

If you do part 1 of the exercise without doing part 2, you are preparing to waste a lot of time, energy and money with little progress to show for it. You won’t have a vestige of certainty. If you do part 1 and 2, you will have the makings of a long term business.

My Ideal Customer AttributesMy Nightmare Customer Attributes