Chapter 5

Your Offer Engine

Now that you have verified your Big Idea by talking to people in your audience, it is time to construct your offer which has to be easier to accept than refuse.

Start by stating who this offer is for being as specific as possible about that person and what they are struggling to achieve. This is usually an external problem like earning 15k per month. Now state the internal impact this is having… the emotional fall out, if you will, and finally state the philosophical outcome… (The need) which is what they think is the answer to their problem.

The next thing to do is list all the benefits that your product or service delivers. The more you can brainstorm the better. Aim for 50 and don’t stop till you have written them all down. Put an asterisk next to the top 5-7 when you’re finished.

Now do the same for all the objections a potential customer might have. Again aim for 50. Arrange them in order of priority with the most likely at the top of the list.

Taking your list of benefits associate each one to a feature of your product or service and state the advantage that that particular feature offers.

Taking your list of possible objections, note which ones are not covered by your list of features, advantages and benefits and ask yourself how you can overcome those objections cleanly and convincingly or incoroporate something in your product or service that will.

Note: if you cannot deal with the objection without overcomplicating your product or service, can you offer a bonus that will overcome it?

Next up, Lay out your programme step by step. Explain WHY it is important to master each step, what the benefits are and how it will help your ideal client to reach their goal. 

Finally, you have to name your price, payment methods and the terms and conditions that apply.

N.B: Don’t forget to include your list of bonuses as well.

Who is your offer for?

Be as specific as possible
List all the benefits

Be as specific as possible
List all possible objections (reasons why not)

Be as specific as possible
Features, Advantages & Benefits

Be as specific as possible

Be as specific as possible
Programme (Step by Step)

Be as specific as possible
Prices, Payment Methods and Terms & Conditions

Be as specific as possible