Chapter 6

Testing Your Offer

For those of you wondering why I have not talked about how to create your digital solution yet, there is a simple answer…

Beyond laying out the steps involved in your programme as part of your offer, spending time on your digital product before you have established that your offer converts is a waste of time and money. 

Putting the cart before the horse and building your product first is to work in a bubble. To assume that you will sell it somehow. To HOPE that you have presented it in the right order and that people will want to buy it.

You are dealing in possibilities rather than probabilities.

Moral of the story… 

Prove your offer converts before building out your product then deliver what your audience WANTS as well as what they NEED.

Now I have made that clear, let’s dive into how to test your offer.

There are two ways.

One involves money.
The other involves your time.

Let’s take the last one first.

This is one of 5 offer posts you can use as part of your organic Facebook marketing strategy. It’s called the ‘Shotgun Post’ and here’s an example…

I have included the ‘Shotgun Post’ framework on which the above is built below. There are 4 other Offer Posts you can use, too.

We go into this in depth in the 30 Day Story Driven Workshop during which I help you polish the stories you write based on the Belief Shifting Matrix (See chapter 22).

The second is focused on paid Ads which I don’t recommend to anyone until they have at least satisfied themselves that they are getting traction with their shotgun posts so I won’t go into it now.

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