Chapter 7

Your Solution

“The organisations that succeed realise that offering a remarkable product with a great story is more important and more profitable than doing what everyone else is doing just a bit better”. 
Seth Godin

It’s the last step in the process. 

Building out your solution that is.

So let me ask you…

Have you made your first big mistake as an online course builder?


You know…

You went straight out and started building your solution.

You imagined  all the good things you could put in it.

And you went ahead and started building.

Just like that…

Based on your own experience.

No doubt you gave them what you think they NEED.

And didn’t think much about what they WANT before you started.
You didn’t reach out to your marketplace to ask what the most important things were, they wanted to learn. How they wanted it presented… 

– One-to-one?
– Group coaching?
– Information product?
– Email?

You just started building.

Well, I hope it works out for you when you launch.

You may be lucky and knock it out of the park, first time.


You may be in for the long slow grind of editing, reformatting and rebuilding your online course based on the feedback you’re getting.

It would have been better (and easier) to ask good questions the first time round. Renovating something you’ve poured your heart into can be soul destroying. 

Overall it takes far longer than it would have done if you had not gone ahead and built your solution in a bubble.

You see

No-one cares  how great YOU think it is.

No-one cares how much you’ve packed into it. 

It’s about the outcome they want and whether your solution is laser targeted on it. They don’t want to wade through a ton of irrelevant details. They want a solution to their problem and they want it in double quick time.

So here’s the process you should follow

STEP #1: Look at all the COMPETING products/services out there and do a S.W.O.T. analysis. In each one… What works? What doesn’t? What do you like? What do you hate?

STEP #2: INTERVIEW as many of your ideal clients as you can (Min 10 Max 50) to find out what THEY WANT 

STEP #3: Come up with your BIG IDEA. The one or two things to include that will disrupt the competition in the existing RED ocean and create a completely new dynamic… A PURPLE ocean where you are the number #1 market leader.

STEP #4: Create your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. The features, advantages and benefits of your product or service plus the price are just a few pieces of your offer. To make it really compelling, you have to pack your offer with SO MUCH VALUE, a prospect would be mad to refuse… And do it in a way that BOOSTS your ROI not reduce it.

STEP #5: VALIDATE YOUR OFFER in the marketplace by building a MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT and launching it using the QUICK LAUNCH METHOD. (Ask me, if you don’t know…)

STEP #6: ITERATE & OPTIMISE until you have a perfect message to market-match.

STEP #7: BUILD OUT YOUR ONLINE COURSE. Now you can move forward based on hard data and build out your online course in all its glory. Knowing the time and money you are going to invest is NOT GOING TO BE WASTED.

So many people go about this in reverse order…

Believe me, I know

I’ve learned the hard way.

Now, you have an opportunity to do it right.


Moral of the story…

Build it small.
Build it focused.
Build in Max value.

When you build a minimal viable product, you are giving yourself the chance to learn from feedback from clients. You can adjust on the fly. Develop the program your customers want as well as need.

And you can do it fast.

Almost as soon as you have written your offer, you can transfer the program overview to a platform like Trello (great platform BTW) and build out the details.

Then deliver it LIVE on Zoom.

Yes, your ultimate goal may be to film every step in the process. Upload the finished course with workbooks and templates onto a digital platform like Kajabi or Thinkific before stepping back and letting the orders flow.

This takes time and money.

Far better to get revenue flowing and build as you develop. Piece by piece based on solid feedback from clients.

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