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Who is this book for

This book exists because the world of online marketing is undergoing a major disruption with the introduction of choice when it comes to intrusive tracking. Conventional methods no longer work. 

This book is for coaches,  consultants and other experts delivering a done-for-you -service who are already earning >€5+/month from their business and want to leap up to €15k+/month ASAP – by creating long term digital assets which attract, engage, motivate and inspire potential customers to reach out to them. 

This is for both solopreneurs and people with small teams, who want to get more enrolments to their high-ticket offers in the age of digital privacy. 

The emphasis throughout is on being open and transparent and showing you the whole process behind building a long term business in an era when intrusive data driven Ads are no more

Integrity is making a comeback.

No more annoying Ads following you everywhere.

The digital world is changing for the better… at last.

The Story Inception Method helps you to build a long term business aligned with your core values that will still be humming along even if you fall ill for a month.  

The goal is to attract potential new clients by treating everyone in  your audience as clients long before money changes hands, ensuring that only the ones you really want to deal with show up at your front door.

This book will help you to…

#1: Build a firm foundation for your long term business based on the 7 essential elements that will give average marketing the leverage it needs to become great.

#2: Escape from conventional thinking and go back to first principles so that you can take advantage of the new opportunities thrown up by the transition to a world where digital integrity is king.

#3: Implant new ideas in your potential customers’ minds so they are ready to make a buying decision almost without question.

#4: Understand why telling stories helps you connect with your audience and them with you and why story driven content is the new cookie.

#5: Build long term sleeper assets that will ensure you attract only the highest quality leads who have a lot of experience serving clients in their area of expertise and are ready to take action.

Together, the above 5 points make up the outline of the exact system that I personally use to consistently get one strong lead per day in my inbox, enrol an average of 6 clients per month to my high-ticket offers, and earn an average of $30K/month (as a solo-preneur).

This program gets best results for people who are pretty settled on a particular niche and ideal client (i.e. I don’t do well with people who are wanting to pivot to something new).

About you…

In order to be the best candidate to get results, you must have a lot of experience serving clients in your area of expertise (ideally years or decades), and already have a pretty clear idea of what problem you solve and who you enjoy helping the most. 

You must love writing and sharing your thoughts about the topics you’re an expert in.

A note on why people start a business

People start their own business because they want to be in control of their own destiny. They realise having a job is the least secure way of earning a living and anyway, they are out to prove a point mainly to themselves but also to others.

Business comes not only with control but also with uncertain cash flow so we are forced to take on clients we  would normally avoid. The trick is to transition from this point to a place where you are getting a steady stream of valuable new clients, you really want to work with.

The key to making this leap is to make it as easy as possible for your audience to understand why you are relevant to them, what your core values are, what outcome they can expect if they work with you and the unique mechanism you use to achieve it … 

Doing this long before you ask for anything in return (even an email address) makes it easier for your potential customers to decide whether you are the person they want to do business with.

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