Offer Story Frameworks

There are 5:

  1. The Soft Pitch: Write a shortish post around the offer you are making. Teach 3 or 4 steps, why they work and the outcome to expect.
The Set up: The life your ideal customer is living now. The external challenge/symptom they have. The emotional impact this is having on him/her and the thing they believe is the answer.

Rising Action: Empathise (it’s natural/logical to think that what they believe is the solution is the solution but the real underlying problem is XYZ so the real solution is far deeper and more profound

Climax: Teach the what not the how. The 3 or 4 way points on your path up the mountain and why they are important steps to get the result they want.

Falling action: How they will know they are making progress. This will happen. Then that. And finally the other thing. 

Resolution: What life will be like when all this has happened and the next steps to take if they want to go on that journey right now with you.

Explain who this is really for and why plus, briefly, what the programme consists of over how much time etc so they know what they are getting involved in. Don’t forget to tell them roughly how much they are expected to invest.

Then tell them what to do to contact you…

  1. The Direct pitch: This is short, to the point and is usually delivered on a coloured card on your Facebook profile newsfeed. It is an excellent way of testing your offer quickly.
I have ABC  which does EFG and gets XYZ results, interested?

  1. Two Goal Posts: These are short, to the point and delivered on a plain coloured background on your Facebook profile newsfeed. It is an excellent way of testing your offer quickly.
I am determined to help XYZ (your niche) get ABC (their dream result. Who’s with me?


I’m thinking about doing ABC (training, challenge, webinar) for XYZ (your target market) to help them get RST (specific result). Who’s in?
  1. The Shotgun Post: This is an example
AVATAR PROBLEM: What’s the #1 challenge that your avatar has to solve right now?

SOLUTION: If so, focusing on tactics won’t change much. Pondering fundamental strategic questions will. That’s why Story Inception works

OPEN LOOP:  I’ll tell you more about that in a bit…

PROMISE: When you understand that breakthroughs come from answering strategic questions not from tactics, you have the power to transform your revenue… And you’ll never go back to your old short term thinking ever again

DESIRE: So if you want to grow your business from 6 to 7 figures… And answer the big strategic questions, (like “What question, if I answered it, could have the biggest impact on my clients’ lives?”) get big results and get more high ticket clients who want to work with you and can afford to pay you what you’re worth.

Call to Action: I have put a strategy paper together that will give you the framework you need to take your business to the next level (and protect you from the “Cookiepocolypse” that’s happening right now …while most Facebook advertisers are still asleep.

Comment ‘COOKIEPOCOLYPSE’ below and I’ll ping you the link

5. The Invitation: This is an example

Headline: Invitation to Work 1-on-1 with Rory

Your ideal customer, where they are now & their goal:
This is an invitation to coaches,  consultants and other experts delivering a done-for-you-service who are already earning >€5+/month from their business and want to leap up to €15k+/month ASAP – simply by writing great stories that attract, engage, motivate and inspire people to enrol in their high-ticket offers.

This 30 day intensive story driven workshop is a good fit for both solopreneurs and people with small teams, who want to get more enrolments to their high-ticket offers using my hybrid organic social media posting strategy and DM conversations.

Programme overview:
I work with you on the following things:

#1: Clarifying what your potential client needs to believe to make a buying decision and the logical sequence of beliefs that lead to that understanding.

#2: Clarifying your high-ticket offer – who exactly it’s for, what outcome(s) can be expected, what container and conditions need to be in place for the best client to get the best outcome as quickly as possible so you can charge more money for less of your time – and, most importantly, how you talk about it all.

#3: Helping you write belief shifting posts using one story framework which shares the details of your expertise and methods in a way that gives just enough information for prospects to see and believe that you have a proven process to solve their problem – yet not so much information that they get confused – and giving you detailed feedback on as many posts as you wish to write for my review. (This piece comprises about half of the program.)

#4: Helping you write offer posts using 4 different story frameworks to directly pitch your offer in such a way that the right people can immediately see what it’s all about and whats in it for them – and will feel compelled to send you a DM about it (and won’t have a ton of questions or objections when they do).
#5: Tailoring my simple Hybrid Conversion Engine so you can get an endless flow of high quality leads using a simple process that integrates paid and organic traffic to grow your organic social media audience. (This is so simple that it typically takes a few minutes for you to understand!).

#6: Creating a simple yet respectful process to manage those DM and sales conversations to ensure you’re enrolling exactly the right people.

Summary of package: Together, the above 5 points make up the exact system that I personally use to consistently get ? strong lead per day in my inbox, enrol an average of ? clients per month to my high-ticket offers, and earn an average of $??K/month (as a solopreneur).

Qualification overview: This program gets best results for people who are pretty settled on a particular niche and ideal client (i.e. I don’t do well with people who are wanting to pivot to something new).

Programme Features: You get 1-2-1 calls with me, detailed assignments and guidelines for everything, unlimited private access over Messenger in between calls, access to a private Facebook group to network and lifetime access to all updates that I make to the program content and teaching, plus free Q & A calls for alumni of the program, too!

Who qualifies: In order to be the best candidate to get results, you must have a lot of experience serving clients in your area of expertise (ideally years or decades), and already have a pretty clear idea of what problem you solve and who you enjoy helping the most. 

(If you’re not sure if you meet this qualification, message me on Facebook and we’ll discuss.)

You must love writing and sharing your thoughts about the topics you’re an expert in.

Price hint & ROI: This offer is a mid-four-figure investment, which is a ridiculous steal, given how many programs out there charge five and multiple five figures for coaching on methods and systems that don’t work nearly as well as mine.

What to do now: If interested, send me a PM on Facebook and we’ll chat over Messenger to see if it’s a fit. I’ve noticed that there is a very particular profile of who does best in this program, and I can tell with a pretty short dialogue whether you’d be a good fit or not. If you do, we can get you started in the program immediately!

Ask your prospect for information: The information to provide
It would be very helpful to me if you included the following bits of information in your initial message:

a) What kind of business you have or what your expertise is?

b) How long you’ve been in business and/or how much experience you have in helping folks in your area of expertise?

c) Some examples of what kinds of results your past clients have gotten (and, have results been similar from client to client? If not, please explain)

d) Your current packages/offers and price points.

e) How much you are earning per month or per year on average?

f) How much you would like to earn by when (or, if your goal is not monetary, what are your goals from working with me?)

g) How you would like to reach your goal or how you thought working with me might help (e.g.: raise prices to X amount, clarify offer, get 2X more leads).

Thank you: Note: One or two sentences for each item will suffice. I’ll ask if I need more information.

Thank you, and I look forward to chatting with you!

Using each one of these frameworks, write a post focused on your offer and see what engagement you get. As a rule of thumb, if you get 100 comments then you have some traction and it’s worth posting more stories focused on the major symptoms your ideal client is being challenged by. 

Post one offer post per week. If you intend to post daily (you don’t have to but you have to be consistent) you’ll find other types of posts you can use in Part 4 – The Story Engine  and Part 5 – The Inception Engine

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