“What you write and the way you express your knowledge leaves absolutely no doubt that you are the coach to go to. You are brilliant in expressing yourself… Brilliant in building up the “how to do this in a proper way…”  Eva Biehe, Denmark

“This book is a distillation of a phenomenal collection of information and experience. There are things I hadn’t thought of before, the benefit of experience and mistakes made, and above all a handful of game-changing gold nuggets. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to operate their business with integrity and wants to find the people they will enjoy working with the most…” Dan Hobbs, UK

In a world where digital privacy is becoming more & more prevalent in society, you as a small business owner need an edge. Carl Greer stated that if “You change your story, you change your life.” The same holds true for your business. When you change your business’ story you change the dynamics of your business. I only know this from my personal experience.

I’ve known & had the pleasure of working with Rory for a couple of years now & there is no one else I know who’s a more masterful storyteller, and story marketer than him. In the scope of less than 12 months I used the Story Inception Method to catapult myself to the upper echelon of executive management and earn the rank of VP of Operations within the organization I work for.

A program intended for solopreneurs, and business coaches, The Story Inception Method works equally as effectively in an enterprise organisation, and let’s face it, as quickly as the marketing landscape is changing, you need a competitive edge. The Story Inception Method gives you & your long term business plan the marketing edge.” Ryan Wegman, USA